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Building a DD-WRT Image In vSphere 5.0

Introduction I have a need to put a router between my test ESXi 5.0 server and my network. At home, I use a Linksys E3000 (both 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Wireless-N, gigabit) router, with OpenSource DD-WRT custom firmware. There is a x86 variant that can be downloaded, people mention in the forums about using it on old PCs, I thought I would give making a VM a go. Pre-RequisitesAn installed copy of ESXi 5.0 (this is almost certain to work on 4.0, but not 3.5)The DD-WRT x86 Image. I chose the VGA public image. This is a free version, limited to 4096 connections (fine for my purposes) and without Wi-Fi support. The image that is used is here.physdiskwrite – A Windows tool for writing raw images to a hard disk.An existing Windows image.
Installation Creating the Virtual MachineCreate a virtual Machine. Select a configuration type of Custom.
Name the VM something appropriate.Select a datastore for the Virtual Machine.Select ‘Virtual Machine Version: 8’ (if using ESXi 4.0, using version 7)