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SSL Certificates CSR Creation :: IIS 8 and IIS 8.5

IIS 8 and IIS 8.5 SSL Certificate CSR Creation If you already have your SSL Certificate and just need to install it, see IIS 8 and IIS 8.5 SSL Certificate Installation. How to create a CSR on Windows Server 2012 - IIS 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2 - IIS 8.5 You can use the to create your CSR and to automatically install the certificate on any Windows server. From the Start screen, click or search for Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and open it.Click on the server name.From the center menu, double-click the "Server Certificates" button in the "IIS" section (it is in the middle of the menu).
Next, from the "Actions" menu (on the right), click on "Create Certificate Request..." This will open the Request Certificate wizard.
In the "Distinguished Name Properties" window, enter the information as follows:
Common Name - The name through which the certificate will be accessed (usually the fully-qualified domain name, e.g., www.domain.c…