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Windows Server 2012: Convert VHD to VHDX using Hyper-V Manager

How To Convert VHD to VHDX with Hyper-V 3 Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 introduce a new virtual hard disk file format, VHDX, which is an upgrade from the current VHD format and provides for superior performance, reliability and several enhancements including: Support for virtual hard disks larger than 2TB and up to 64TB.Better performance of dynamic and difference files through new larger block sizes.Improved alignment of the virtual hard disk on large sector disks. Many of you already have a virtual infrastructure based on Microsoft Hyper-V and would need to upgrade all your existing VHDs in order to take advantage of all the new features and capabilities. Luckily, The Hyper-V team has taken that into consideration and provided a very simple way to convert existing VHDs into VHDX. Here's how to do it: Launch Hyper-V manager and from the right side Action pane and select Edit Disk .The Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard starts; click Next to get past the initial screen.Enter the nam…

How to Change TeamViewer ID after cloning

These scripts fix imaged machines with a cloned TeamViewer ID.
TeamViewer ID Fix for Windows Upon restarting, TeamViewer will assign a new ID. A new ID will not generate if TeamViewer was installed manually nor is it possible to change the ID to your liking. Running these scripts multiple times on a single machine will not continuously generate a new ID. Download TeamViewer 8 ID Fix Download TeamViewer 7 ID Fix Download TeamViewer 6 ID Fix Instructions Download and run the script on the imaged machine. It is recommended to right click and run as administrator.The console window will update if the script was applied successfully. You will then be prompted to restart before changes take effect (the console window will automatically close).Note: Running the script multiple times on a single machine will not continuously generate a new ID.
TeamViewer ID Fix 1.4 for MACDownload TeamViewer 8 ID Fix for MacSupports TeamViewer 8 and all previous versions (Compatible with OS X 10.6 or higher) This a…