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Add ownCloud 6.0 to Active Directory 2012 R2

OwnCloud is cool but configuring it can be a pain in the backoffice. The administrative webinterface is scantily documented and its functionality is funky, rendering the documentation even more worthless.

I’m sure the good folks at ownCloud will fix this eventually but in meanwhile if you want to add an ownCloud server to your Active Directory 2012 R2 network here is how I got it to work.

If you found this article you probably know what ownCloud is. If not:

OwnCloud is privately hosted cloud storage. Dropbox on your own server.

What you will get:
– instantly available cloud storage for selected or all users in your domain
– as secure and private as you want it because you are hosting it on your own servers
– free clients for mobile, desktop and web users

This solution is free, easy to back up and does not require extra hardware.

I divided this article into nine parts:

0. Intended audience and versions used
1. Installing and configuring Oracle VirtualBox
2. Installing and configuring Debian on a v…