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Es werden Posts vom Juni, 2011 angezeigt.

How to upgrade Polycom CX700 1.0.452.0 using the OCS 2007 R2 Device Update Service

Let me start by saying that, although the title of this post refers Polycom CX700 (because was this device I used), the procedures described here will probably work with other devices (e.g. LG-Nortel or Microsoft).If you read my previous post Troubleshooting OCS 2007 R2 Device Update Service for Communicator Phone Edition, you probably noticed the comments about upgrading Office Communicator Phone Edition (OCPE) version 1.0.452.0.When I wrote that post, I hadn’t tested anything lower than 1.0.522.34, so, to tell you the truth, I was not sure it was possible to upgrade these early (Beta) versions. Until today!When I had the chance to put my hands on one of these early babies (thanks Paulo Silva), I didn’t think twice.The upgrade processAs soon as I plugged the device into my test environment and tried to sign in, I got the following error:Cannot sign in to Communications Service. Current version
does not work with the available server. Contact your
system administrator.
I immediately un…

Backup Exec 2010 v3

Anfangs Mai wurde Backup Exec 2010 v3 veröffentlicht. Grund genug, das mal auszutesten.http://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/backup-exec-2010-r3-released-todayEmpfelungen zum Upgrade sind hier veröffentlicht: http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH159557&key=15047&basecat=INSTALLING&actp=LISTAnschliessend mit Live Update noch die verfügbaren Updates installieren.Und so sieht die Konsole aus

TMG PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and SSTP Remote Access VPN Server

Welcome back to our Test Lab Guide series. Last time, we configured the TMG Core Lab. Now we can start having fun with it and you can find out how you can use the Test Lab Guides to learn about TMG firewall features and functionality. In part 1 of this latest Test Lab Guide article, you will learn how to configure the TMG firewall as a remote access VPN server that supports PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and SSTP.The first step is to restore your TMG Core Lab snapshot. If you haven’t completed the TMG Core Lab yet, then check it out over at here.Once you’ve restored the snapshot, log into TMG1 as CORP\User1. Then open the TMG firewall console. In the TMG firewall console, click the Remote Access Policy (VPN) node in the left pane of the firewall console as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1In Tasks Tab in the Task Pane, click the Enable VPN Client Access link, as seen in Figure 2 below.
Figure 2Next you’ll see an error message with an ominous red “X” as shown in Figure 3. Ouch! What happened? Apparently you…

Slipstream Office 2010 setup with SP1

When you slipstream Service Pack 1 with your Office 2010 installation media, Office 2010 will be directly installed at Service Pack 1 level, saving you the trouble of applying it afterwards. All you need is Office 2010 Service Pack 1 and the installation file or DVD of Office 2010.Optionally, you can also modify the installation to already accept the EULA, fill out your Product Key and customize some additional settings.Folder structureThis guide assumes the following folder structure but you can of course differ from that;C:\Office2010\C:\Office2010\DVD\C:\Office2010\SP1\C:\Office2010\SP1\extract\Slipstreaming processDownload the administrative version of Office 2010 SP1 for your language and save it to;

GPO - Gruppenrichtlinien

GPOAllgemeinesWeitere und aktuelle CSE Updates per WSUS – Sind optional VerfügbarBeispieleLink: http://www.gruppenrichtlinien.de/index.html?/Vista/gpp_group_policy_preferences.htmPreferencesF5 –F8 TasteWie bekomme ich die IE9 Einstellung in Group Policy Preferences?Microsoft ist sich noch nicht sicher…!!Dieser Vorgang ist von Microsoft nicht Supported!!·Erstellen Sie ihre Vorlage mit Internet Explorer 8·ziehen die Datei per Drag & Drop auf den Desktop und benutzen des Editor um die Änderung vorzunehmen.·Version auf·Name ändern Beispiel Internet Explorer 8 auf Internet Explorer 9·Save und per Drag & Drop in die GPP Console einfügenIch empfehle die veränderte GPP im UI öffnen um die Einstellung nach einmal zu kontrollieren.Starter GPOLink: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc677002.aspxZentral StoreUm die Vorteile der .ADMX-Dateien zu nutzen, müssen Sie einen zentralen Speicher im Ordner SYSVOL auf einem Domänencontroller erstellen. Des zentralen Speich…