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Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies and Exchange Remote Wipe

sysops - For Windows Administratorsvon Geoff Kendal Exchange Active Policies help you to remotely configure Android, iPhone and Windows Phone smartphones and Exchange Remote Wipe allows you to remotely erase all data on a lost smartphone.
Since the uptake of smartphones has become more widespread, it is more than likely that your end users will require access to their corporate email via their smartphones. Whether or not the smartphone is company supplied . It is certainly a sensible idea to make sure that we have policies in place to protect our data should it end up in the wrong hands.
Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies Exchange 2010 has a feature called “Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies”. You can find this in the Exchange Management Console, within the “Organization Configuration\Client Access” node from the tree view. You will notice that within the Exchange ActiveSync Mailbox Policies tab, you can create multiple policies – these can then be applied to different groups of us…

In SBS2008 selbst erstellte Zertifikate nutzen

Es tauchen immer wieder Probleme mit SBS2008 um Bezug selbsterstellte Zertifikate und „Sites“ auf. Dieses Problem ist wie folgt zu lösen.
Folgende Schritte sind zu machen:
1. Zertifikat mit mehreren DNS-Namen erstellen (z.B. Kunde.dyndns.org) 2. Zertifikat in das IIS einbinden 3. Zertifizierungsstellenzertifikat exportieren 4. Zertifizierungsstellenzertifikat auf externen Clients installieren (nur nötig wenn der PC NICHT in der Domäne ist)
Inhaltsverzeichnis Zertifikat erstellen Zertifikat in IIS einbinden Zertifizierungsstellenzertifikat exportieren Zertifikat auf NICHT DomänenPC’s oder Telefonen installieren

Disable permanently Outlook Team Calendar

Outlook 2010 introduced new future called “Team Calendar”. This future might be annoying or not acceptable in certain cases and un-ticking check mark to make it not seen might not be sufficient enough. If so and you are wondering how to disable this here is the solution. Team Calendars , star popping up from people outlook. –Reason: the
AD Attribute called “Manager” is populated see picture
When manager is listed for given user,  outlook is automatically creating calendar in this format  Team: Name of the manager Calendar inside peoples outlook see picture

Fire up reg edit on the problem workstation…..Drill down to fallowing directory
[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice14.0OutlookOptionsWunderBarCreate reg key if one does not exist “Valuedisablereportinglinegroupcalendar”
This policy setting prevents Reporting Line Group Calendar from appearing in the navigation pane.
If you enable this policy setting, Reporting Line Group Calendar will not appear in the navigation pane.
If you disab…