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Error 2927 creating VM in VMM

Error (2927)
A Hardware Management error has occurred trying to contact server tools-hun-wsd.wsd.edu.
(Unknown error (0x8033811e))

Recommended Action
Check that WinRM is installed and running on server tools-hun-wsd.wsd.edu. For more information use the command "winrm helpmsg hresult".

I also ran the following
winrm helpmsg 0x8033811e
The WS-Management service cannot process the request. The WMI provider returned
an 'invalid parameter' error.

I've checked that winrm is installed and running on host servers as well as the VMM server.

For Hyper-V, you need to set up constrained delegation so the vm-host can access the necessary iso remotely. constrained delegation authorizes the proper impersonation required between the library server and the HYper-v host.

Constrained Delegation Checklist:
1. Verify that the VMM Server service (vmmservice.exe) is running under a domain account and not the LocalSystem account.
2. Open dsa.msc and connect to a Domain Controller
3. Locate the computer account of the server running Hyper-V, right-click and select Properties
4. Select 'Trust this computer for Delegation to Specified services Only'.
5. Select Use Any Autenthication Protocol
6. Click the Add button, click users or computers and search for the computer account of the server with the VMM library
7. Select the cifs service type
8. Accept the changes and close the windows. You`ll nedd to repeat these steps for each Hyper-V host that you want to link ISOs to the vmm library.

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