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Export Non-Exportable Windows Certificates

Jailbreak is a tool for exporting certificates marked as non-exportable from the Windows certificate store. This can help when you need to extract certificates for backup or testing. You must have full access to the private key on the file system in order for Jailbreak to work.
The download is available here.

Using Jailbreak to Export a Certificate with its Private Key

Jailbreak is a tool for exporting certificates with their private keys, even if the private key was marked as non-exportable in the first place. Since auto-generated self-signed certificates usually have their private key marked as non-exportable, Jailbreak can become very handy.
First, download Jailbreak from, and extract it. Right-click “Jailbreak.exe” and select “Run as administrator”:
Jailbreak should now launch MMC (Microsoft Management Console) with the “certificates” snap-in. Unlike the regular console, this one will allow the exporting of private keys even if they were marked as non-exportable. To start the certificate exportation wizard, go in “Certificates (Local Computer)/Remote Desktop/Certificates”, right-click the certificate listed on the right, and then select “All Tasks→Export”:
This should launch the certificate export wizard. From this point, it should be the same as a regular certificate export. Follow the rest of the instructions in the Certificate Export article.

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