Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Internet Explorer 9 Tip, get to your intranet sites quickly using /

One thing you will notice using Internet Explorer 9 Beta is that there is no extra search box and you can search direct from the address bar which is great and helps declutter the design IMO.  However this can cause a problem if you enter in an intranet address, as it will not find it and take you to a search results for that term:
If you are lucky the intranet name might be recognised and you will get the new Notification Bar  pop up asking you if you want to go to the intranet site:
However you can get IE9 to go straight to your intranet site by simply adding a / onto the end of your address
IE9 then adds the additional http:// and you are sent direct to your intranet page.
You can of course add your sites as well to the Intranet Zone within  the settings.
Choose Options - Internet options - Secuity tab - Local Intranet - Sites - Advanced

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