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Windows 7 / Vista Switch AHCI TO IDE

Switch AHCI TO IDE (Tutorial HowTo) !!!
Welcome all , so let me explain I installed Windows 7 With AHCI set from Bios , but after that i wanted to use ide (becose it boots faster) and when i set Ide from Bios , the windows 7 loading screan camed upp and BSOD (Blue screen of death) with an error code 0x0000005B , i tryed the regedit trick by setting in the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServicesMsahci" and then in the right pan the START value from 0 i set it to 1 and it supposed to be working but it was a failiure , it still did the Bsod and i was so pissed of , i wanted to make it work ... AND I DID IT !

Here are the pases :
1) I assume u have installed Windows Vista or Windows 7 with AHCI set from BIOS !
2) Download my registry fix (to add the ide keys to regeditor) simply apply the key
3) Now the manually regedit part Go to :


And in thease three keys in the right pan u will find a key named "START" change at all three (Msahci,iaStor,iaStorV) values from 0 To 1
Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_System_CurrentControlSet_Services_PciIde
,then change the start value to "0"

4) Now u are allmost done , restart your computer/laptop , and go to Bios and set from AHCI to IDE !!! , save settings in Bios and restart

5)Windows will be loading , and VOILA !!! NO BSOD !!! , windows Vista/Seven will install new Ide drivers and u will see in windows device manager that you dont have AHCI drivers anymore , u have Ide drivers !
6)It will prompt for another restart , just restart it and u will be happy

Credits goes for ME ! ONLY ME !!!!! , i searched all the internet and i couldn`t find something like this , so i began from literally everything to everything , a LOT OF REBOOTS AND BSOD`s believe me it was a pain in the ass !
But i done it !, now im ussing Windows 7 With ide mode ...
Every article on the internet when i searched it sayd : Change from the Msahci the start key to 1 if u want to make it boot from ide , but no it is much much more !
For some people it works like that , for some people it doesn`t.

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