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How to find the Reference ID (RefID) of a message or calendar item

When trying to troubleshoot missing messages or message problems you'll need to get the Reference ID (RefID) of that message or calendar item. You can either get the RefID from an Outlook client or the BlackBerry smartphone. Here is how to do both:

From Outlook:

  1. Open the Outlook client on a workstation that has Outlook Spy installed on it.
  2. Highlight the message of which you would like to see the hidden properties for.
  3. If Outlook Spy is installed you will have an additional toolbar in Outlook client. One of the buttons on this additional toolbar is called IMessage. Please click this button.
  4. A separate window will open, displaying the hidden properties of this message.
  5. The RefID will be a PT_LONG type property. The Property Tag will typically be '0x*** ????????D' (where * can vary in it's characters) and the Value will be a 9-12 digit number.
From BlackBerry smartphone (except for BlackBerry Storm):

Within the message (or calendar item) in question press: ALT + V-I-E-W

From BlackBerry Storm smartphone:
  1. Hold the BlackBerry Storm smartphone in portrait view.
  2. Display the menu and then select Show Keyboard.
  3. Hold the number key to lock the number keyboard. The 123 icon appears on the screen, and a small lock appears on the number key.
  4. To display the refid, in landscape view type $-21, or in portrait view type 77331!!.
Note: Email received on the smartphone will have a negative value RefID, whereas email sent from the smartphone will have a positive value for the RefID.

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