Montag, 2. August 2010

on 64-bit 2k8 server, trying to add x86 drivers asks for ntprint.inf


If you have a Windows 7 32-bit CD, perhaps with a new computer, OEM disc should work fine, do the following:

1. Make a folder on your C Drive called Win7Mount
2. Obtain a copy of ImageX. This can be downloaded from Microsoft. It is their new imaging software.
3. Insert your Windows 7 DVD or mount your ISO. Note the drive letter.
4. Open a command prompt and change directories to wherever ImageX is installed. I have the Windows AIK installed so mine was at C:\Program Files\AIK\Tools\x86.
5. Type the following command: imagex /mount H:\Sources\install.wim 1 C:\Win7Mount and press ENTER.
6. Wait for imagex to complete. Will take 2-3 minutes to fully mount DVD.
7. Now browse to C:\Win7Mount\Windows\winsxs\
8. Copy the contents of x86_ntprint.inf_31bfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to wherever you save your Print Drivers. I called it "Windows 7 32-bit NTPRINT". That way when I need it in the future I will remember what it was for. (Note: there is another folder called x86_ntprint.inf.resources_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I copied the contents of that one as well, but didn't need it. I figured I might in the future so I went ahead and grabbed it now.)
9. Now type: imagex /unmount C:\Win7Mount and press ENTER. This process will take 60 seconds or so.
10. Now when the print server asks for the Windows media, just browse to that new folder you created and it will find the files needed.

Thanks for KESWADMIN and BRYANT FONG for the winsxs help. I just thought I would put all the steps together for people that might not have it installed, but do have the media available.

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